Why Do Vegans Use Meat Dairy and Egg Substitutes?

    Why do vegans eat fake meat? Should they stay away from things that look and taste like real meat, eggs, and dairy? It can be confusing to non-vegans, but the answer is actually pretty simple.

    Vegans often use fake meat. They will eat meat, dairy, and egg substitutes as part of their plant-based diet. This often leaves non-vegans puzzled and asking why.

    It’s actually pretty simple. Vegans eat those things because they taste good and can be eaten without intentionally harming animals.

    Why do Vegans Like Meat Dairy and Egg Substitutes

    Animal Products in their Natural State? No, Thanks! 

    Few of even the most die-hard. “mmm, bacon,” type nonvegans relish the idea of animal products in their natural state. They don’t routinely grab eggs from under a chicken to crunch the shell open and suck out the liquid ovum. Because, eww, who would do that? The same goes for raw and freshly killed meat. There aren’t even that many non-vegan folks who would drink unpasteurized cow milk. 

    Burger and Hot Dog Shapes Can be Made from Plants

    Cows don’t naturally come in seasoned burger shapes any more than do beans or mushrooms. In their natural form, pigs are not hot dog-shaped. Most food products created from a dead animal are just as much manipulated into human-mouth-compatible shapes and textures as any plant-based analogue. Flat discs and tubes just happen to be super convenient shapes to put on bread with condiments, hold in your hands, and cram in your mouth. They’re just as convenient when made from plants.

    Why do Vegans Like Meat Dairy and Egg Substitutes

    Everyone likes Fat, Salt, Flavor

    Everyone likes fat, salt, and flavor. We’re all hardwired to enjoy those things and they don’t have to come from any specific place. A plant-based burger that’s full of flavor is going to be just as satisfying as any made with animal products and no one had to die for it. Most people are going to find it even tastier if it has some fat and salt in it. And that’s the entire point. 

    Vegans are not rejecting a specific shape or texture of food. Many of us enjoyed animal products prior to becoming vegan. What is rejected in a vegan lifestyle is animal exploitation. That’s it. Nothing more. 

    Why do Vegans Like Meat Dairy and Egg Substitutes Veganosphere
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    That there are delicious plant-based versions of familiar foods is a welcomed development for those who enjoy them. Vegans can indulge in plant-based fat, salt, and flavor if they wish, knowing that no animal had to suffer and die for something as superficial as a fleeting experience of taste.

    Good News for Everyone

    So here’s the good news, because there are so many readily available, delicious, tasty, and healthy plant-based burgers, hot dogs, seafood, eggs, cheeses, milks there are ample opportunities for all of us to enjoy these foods without harming animals. 

    Here are just a few recommended products to start enjoying plant-based foods.