Friday, September 29, 2023

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Go Vegan for Chickens

Chickens are fascinating sentient beings that exhibit a wide range of behaviors. Tragically, we confine and kill 9 billion of them every year in...

Reasons to Go Vegan

Reasons to go vegan often begin with the ethical concerns of keeping and hurting animals for food and other things. There are so many...

Would Farmed Animals Take Over the World if We Stopped Eating Them?

We can't stop eating farmed animals, they would take over the world! Right? I mean, in the United States alone we kill 10 billion...

Vegan Charities To Receive $1.4 Million In Free Advertising

Are You A Vegan Charity? Vegan organizations do a tremendous amount of work with, nearly always, very little funding. Now, a vegan digital marketing agency...

Why Do Vegans Use Meat Dairy and Egg Substitutes?

Vegans often use fake meat. They will eat meat, dairy, and egg substitutes as part of their plant-based diet. This often leaves non-vegans puzzled...

12 Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day

How can I celebrate World Vegan Day?  World Vegan Day happens every November 1st. There are all sorts of effective ways to celebrate. But don't...

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