Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Emese and Nandi from My Pure Plants

Emese Nandor My Pure Plants
Emese and Nandi share vegan and plant-based recipes on their blog My Pure Plants. While he cooks, she bakes. They make a perfect duo to bring you delicious comfort food recipes as well as a bit of occasional sweetness. They are encouraging their readers to cook and bake from scratch with local,...

Vegan Burger Recipes 25 Delicious Plant Based Patties

Vegan Burger Recipes This collection of 25 vegan burger recipes features tasty, simple, plant-based recipes. They're delicious, easy to make, and are perfect for dinner. Many would taste great grilled outside! Try some or all of these! Anatomy of a Vegan Burger So what makes a great vegan burger? A delectable vegan burger starts with a delicious plant-based burger patty. These can...

Vegan Children’s Books

Vegan Childrens Books Veganosphere
Vegan Children's Books can help youngsters nurture their innate compassion for others, including animals. Many of the books in this list are beautifully illustrated picture books that very young children will find engaging. Others are more practical, such as vegan cookbooks for kids that will help them create their own delicious plant-based meals. Request any of these books at...