Content Submission Agreement

Effective: March 20, 2021

Veganosphere is independent media. We are committed to a vegan philosophy and creating a kinder world. We are working together to create content for our readers and also create a welcoming platform for writers and content creators to have their voices heard.

By submitting content to Veganosphere, you certify this is your original work, and any excerpts of other work are cited and Fair Use or public domain. By submitting you give Veganosphere “use rights in perpetuity.”

For previously published work that has appeared elsewhere prior to your submission to Veganopshere, you certify that you hold the rights to that work but grant Veganosphere free use rights in perpetuity.

Submission does not guarantee publication and Veganosphere reserves the right to edit any submitted work for length or clarity. We also reserve the right to edit any submitted visual media.

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