Congratulations on Choosing Vegan!

Congratulations on Choosing Vegan!

You have just embarked on what could be the most impactful and personally fulfilling journey of your life. Being vegan means being aware of how our own actions and choices affect the larger world. That includes both human and non-human animals and the environment.

You ARE Making an Impact!

Each year, just by being vegan, you will save:

  • 80 to 100+ Animals
  • 401,500 Gallons of Water
  • 10,950 SQ FT of Forested Land
  • 7,300 LBS of CO2



That’s HUGE! It’s an amazing and joyful life where just by aligning with your own morals you positively affect so many others!

Plant Foods Are Delicious!

What we eat can make a big difference! In our vegan life, we can still enjoy tasty and delicious foods. We just eat plants!

Join Veganosphere! 

Vegan Your Way

veggie carrot and oats burger with cucumber onionThere is no one way to eat a plant-based diet as part of a vegan lifestyle. Enjoy everything you have always liked just the vegan version. That could big, juicy plant-based burgers with a side of fries, or desserts, or salads. There are many store-bought convenience foods to choose from as well as literally millions of recipes that range from decadent vegan desserts to whole foods and everywhere in between.

Becoming Vegan is A Process

“It may not happen overnight. Stick with it and be kind to yourself … Veganism is not just a new diet, but a way of life! Living in harmony and peace amongst all living beings! Get creative, become inventive, buy some vegan cookbooks and learn new culinary skills! It’s such a fun thing to do! Spread the love, you’re on the way to no longer eating abuse, fear, and negativity!” ~ Gemma Palmer

Challenge: Make at least one vegan recipe!

Check out these recipe collections to get you started! Choose from any of these delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack/dessert recipes to see just how incredibly tasty plants can be! 

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Choosing to become vegan is the vitally important first step to a consciously compassionate lifestyle. Please bookmark Veganosphere as your kind living information resource. We’re here to help! Check out these other articles that may also help you in your journey!