12 Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day celebrated a compassionate lifestyle.

How can I celebrate World Vegan Day? 

World Vegan Day happens every November 1st. There are all sorts of effective ways to celebrate. But don’t limit it to just one day, you can observe World Vegan Day all year! See the list below to get some ideas! 

What is World Vegan Day?

First, what the heck is World Vegan Day anyway? World Vegan Day is an annual celebration that initially began to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the UK Vegan Society. That was back in 1994 and since the day has become a worldwide observance of veganism. 

How to Celebrate World Vegan Day?

Here’s a list of 12 things you can do to observe World Vegan Day! These are. by no means, the only ways to do so! What are you doing today? Comment below!

  1. Go Vegan 
  2. Share a Plant-Based Meal with a Friend 
  3. Visit, Volunteer, and/or Donate to an Animal Sanctuary 
  4. Try Out a New Plant-Based Recipe
  5. Read a Vegan Book or Give One as a Gift
  6. Host a Vegan Documentary Party
  7. Learn More About Veganic Gardening 
  8. Share Vegan Information and Resources
  9. Host a Vegan Potluck
  10. Bake Vegan Cookies and Bring to a Neighbor or Friend
  11. Volunteer at a Vegan Organization
  12. Observe a Moment of Silence for All Needless Suffering 

Go Vegan

World Vegan Day Go Vegan Veganosphere

Of all the things you could do to enjoy a meaningful observance of World Vegan Day, going vegan yourself is the most impactful. Going vegan and living in accordance with what is most likely your own already existing moral values can make your life and the lives of countless others better. You’re being kind to the animals, of course, and the planet that also suffers under animal agriculture. By committing to a lifestyle that doesn’t require the exploitation of animals, you’re also being kind to yourself by allowing the expression of your own compassionate nature. 

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Share a Plant-Based Meal with a Non-Vegan Friend

World Vegan Day Go Vegan Veganosphere

Show a friend how delicious a plant-based meal can be! Make something at home and invite them over or take them out to your favorite vegan-friendly restaurant. The meal doesn’t have to be overly fussy. Something simple but tasty can be incredibly effective at showing a non-vegan that plant-based dishes are just as good, or better than what they’re used to. 

Visit, Volunteer, and/or Donate to an Animal Sanctuary

World Vegan Day Go Vegan VeganosphereAnimal sanctuaries allow visitors to get up close and personal with rescued farmed animals and aid in understanding them as sentient beings and individuals. A few hours at a sanctuary can be enlightening. Perhaps even better would be a day volunteering your time to work at the sanctuary. While this is a serious responsibility it can also be fun to get to know the animals and provide care to them. Donating money or supplies is another way to help. 

Animal sanctuaries can be easier to locate than you might believe. Check online to find one close to you. There are larger sanctuaries, micro sanctuaries, and everything in between. Always call and arrange any onsite visit or volunteering well beforehand. Most sanctuaries are not equipped or staffed to handle unannounced visitors. 

Try Out a New Plant-Based Recipe

World Vegan Day Go Vegan Veganosphere

Try something you’ve never tried before. There are thousands of vegan and plant-based recipes out there and some of them will surely be new to you. Perhaps investigating a new spice or another ingredient you’re not familiar with could lead to a new favorite.   

Check out some recipes and recipe collections here and elsewhere and find something that’s new to you! You never know, it may become a favorite!

Read a Vegan Book or Give One as a Gift

There are so many great books out there about veganism and related topics. You can choose from a variety of cookbooks, vegan philosophy, and other niche topics such as raising vegan children. See what your local bookstore has and if they have any recommendations, check out your library and their in-person and online lending options, and also check out online booksellers. 

A book is always a thoughtful gift as well, so get one for yourself and one to give as a gift! If you’re looking for a children’s book that’s vegan-themed, check out our guide, Vegan Children’s Books

Host a Vegan Documentary Party

World Vegan Day Go Vegan Veganosphere

Choose a few vegan documentaries and invite some friends over for some flicks and plant-based snacks. Keep in mind that some vegan documentaries are quite disturbing. Choose the films that will be informative but also won’ be too difficult to watch. Some well-done movies include The Gamechangers, Seaspiracy, Cowspiracy, Vegucated, What the Health, Forks Over Knives, and more. Many are available on streaming services like Netflix and there are even more on sites like Youtube. 

Learn More About Veganic Gardening

World Vegan Day Go Vegan VeganosphereOrganic farming use a tremendous amount of animal products and byproducts from the animal agriculture industry. Nearly all organic produce will have been grown primarily with fertilizers that include bone meal, blood meal, feathers, manures, even entire fish that have been ground up. Veganic gardening, on the other hand, is organic but uses no animal products. Instead of animals manures, veganic gardening will use “green” manures like clover or even simply occasional grass clippings. 

Share Vegan Information and Resources

Share vegan information and resources with others who might benefit. This can be in person via leafletting in public spaces or sharing books, brochures, and other info with those you know. This form of activism is also particularly effective by sharing info in online spaces. Share an interesting link or an informative meme. Knowledge is power and information can be persuasive.

Host a Vegan Potluck

World Vegan Day Go Vegan Veganosphere

Vegan potlucks can be so much fun. Hosting one can be a way to meet other local vegans or the vegan-curious. Vegan potlucks are like any other potluck except all the food shared is going to be plant-based. Invite friends and others and let them know they can bring a dish to pass. Including an ingredients list to place near their dish is also a good idea. Some people do have other dietary restrictions in addition to being vegan so letting everyone know what is in what is a good and considerate idea. 

Bake Vegan Cookies and Bring to a Neighbor or Friend

World Vegan Day Go Vegan Veganosphere

Who doesn’t like cookies? I don’t know anyone. Bake a big, tasty batch of vegan cookies and bring it to a neighbor or friend. There are tons of recipes out there for every kind of cookie imaginable. Share your creations and see how they like them! Don’t forget to bring a carton of plant-based milk to go with them!

Volunteer at a Vegan Organization

Not all volunteer opportunities involve working at an animal sanctuary. Volunteer at a local animal rights organization, participate in other events that are volunteer. Whatever your skill, use it! Online is a great place to find a place to volunteer to help animals as well. If you’re a writer, share your work online. The same if you’re a photographer, artist, or just about anything else. Vegan and animal rights organizations need all the help they can get.

Observe a Moment of Silence for All Needless Suffering

Take a moment to observe a moment of silence for all sentient beings who suffer from so much that’s intentionally and unintentionally inflicted upon them.

If you don’t find silence appealing but would like to observe using sound, a particularly moving spoken or sung mantra that can be used instead is “Lokah samastah sukino bhavantu.” It means, quite loosely translated, “May all beings be happy and free.” Here’s one version, although there are many.


Resources for World Vegan Day

Documentaries to Watch

Watch these provocative and enlightening documentaries alone or with friends. Each provides unique but compelling reasons to follow your heart and go vegan. Click the link to go directly to the trailer or the film.

Cookbooks and Site for Recipes

Check out these cookbooks that offer recipes for delicious plant-based meals to enjoy yourself and make for friends!

Books to Read and Share

Any in this list of powerful books may help you on your vegan journey. They're suitable to keep or give to family and friends.